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Mansion Greek Urban School (Mansion Tsanakli)

An imposing building of the last period of eclecticism at 17 Demokritou Street, was erected to serve as a school at the expense of the expatriate benefactor Nestor Tsanaklis. Tsanakleio housed the General Administration of Thrace (1922-1954) and the Prefecture of Rodopi (1954-1972). Later and until recently it housed the Rectorate of the Democritus University of Thrace.

It is known that Nestor Tsanaklis, a great tobacco merchant from Komotini, and an expatriate in Cairo, financed the construction of an Urban School at the beginning of the 20th century. The building was inaugurated in 1907. It was named Tsanakleios School in honor of the city's benefactor, who also sent the sum of 200 golden pounds to pay the salaries of the teachers of the Greek community for several years. For the building of the Greek Urban School, the then Ottoman Administration granted him the site of the then Municipal Garden, in front of the city's river, in the heart of the Greek Quarter.

The building was built according to the principles of eclecticism, the dominant architectural view of the 19th century. The school did not have time to function as the donor himself would have wished. However, it housed successively the Orphanage (1919), the General Administration of Thrace (1922-1945), the Prefecture of Rodopi (1945-1972), and the Rectorate of the Democritus University of Thrace until 2000.

Mansion Tsanakli Through the Years

  • tsanakleios-elliniki_sxoli
    In 1908 it was inaugurated and operated as the Urban School of Arenas.
  • elliniki_sxoli.jpg-hospital

    In 1913-1919, the Holy Metropolis and a small Bulgarian hospital were housed there.

  • tsanakleios-orfanotrofeio

    In 1919, the French Administration turned it into an orphanage.

  • tsanakleios-dioikisi

    From 1922 to 1945 it was the seat of the General Administration of Thrace.

  • tsanakleios-nomarxia

    In 1945-1972, the Prefecture of Rodopi was established in the historic building.

  • tsanakleios-texniki-sxoli

    In 1975, the Intermediate Technical School for Construction Workers was hosted.

  • tsanakleios-prytaneia

    Later, 1975-2000, his Rectory was established of the newly established
    Democritus University of Thrace.

  • tsanakleios--today

    The renovation projects of "Tsanaklio" developed in three phases from 2010 to 2020.

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